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The Best Time to Learn About Cryptocurrencies & DeFi Is Now

With each of these courses our goal is to teach you about key blockchain concepts, how to navigate through top decentralized exchanges, and show you how is it possible to create passive income when you become a liquidity provider. Why? Because we believe that today is the ideal time to enter the market as we are still in the early stages of massive adoption. Financial freedom is finally open and free to everybody regardless of age, race, financial status or technical background.

Here, at Digital Currency Exchange, we want you to be part of the new wave of possibilities that can lead to financial freedom no matter where you stand today so whether you are an experienced investor with large amounts of cash or just a student, part-time worker looking to create wealth, we guarantee, you will have the knowledge and tools to start TODAY!

Here is what you will learn:

  • You will learn how to create a wallet that is compatible with each of these exchanges in minutes.
  • You will learn how to swap, stake and provide liquidity to earn yield.
  • You will learn what each of these decentralized exchanges offer and understand their weaknesses and strengths.
  • You will learn more about how liquidity pools work and how to pick the most profitable pairs of assets based on TVL, pool depth, and other metrics.
  • You will understand how DEXES will revolutionize the current financial system and how you can take advantage of it TODAY!
  • And much more…

Course Pro: Learn more about Decentralized Exchanges & Investment Opportunities

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Pancakeswap currently lists as #2 of DEXES today… but what’s so special about it? Pancakeswap is powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and it has become the favorite decentralized exchange for a many crypto maniacs because of its low transaction fees and its variety of features to invest including Liquidity Pools, Farming, NFTs, FLIP tokens, and more! Pancakeswap stands out because transactions are fast, reliable, and fees can cost just a few pennies.


Uniswap is ranked #1 in the list of DeFi exchanges according to since the end of 2020. This is the reason why it is essential for you to learn how to navigate the platform. I mean don’t you want to be part of this revolutionary technology? Uniswap is a technology created on the Ethereum blockchain which makes it very secure. It is the first automated market maker (AMM) in the crypto ecosystem!

Course Premium: Learn more about Liquidity Pools & Passive Income:


It was built on top of the Thorchain blockchain. Thorchain’s technology is unique in the market because it allows to deposit native assets into Liquidity Pools to earn yield. The network was designed to provide security, governance, liquidity, incentives and amplification of assets. Who else wants some passive income?

Course For Beginners:

We get it! You are a newbie or perhaps somewhat familiar with cryptocurrencies but still need a hand to familiarize yourself more with essential concepts? No worries. We got your back!

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