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11 October 2021

Does the rise of Bitcoin put fiat currency at risk?


This is a question that many people ask themselves. It is too early to know for sure if cryptocurrencies will displace fiat currencies in the future or if they...

04 October 2021

Signs That the Value of Ether Could Continue to Rise

While it is true that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency around the world, in the last five years, altcoins have become very attractive in terms of investment. When I...

27 September 2021

Behavior of Bitcoin and The Most Important US Stock Indexes

The start of last week for the main markets was not encouraging at all. Most financial markets started the week in the red. The major stock indexes in the United States fell...

19 September 2021

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Welcome to the first edition of Technical Analysis with Andres!

Every Monday, I will be publishing a new edition of technical analysis of your favorite cryptocurrencies...